It’s ironic.

Most people have a *very* surprised look on their faces when I tell them I handcraft cookies for a living.  If you know me, you know that I love healthy organic cooking.  So, you can understand the occasional raised-eyebrow when I tell people I “make desserts for a living.”

When we were growing up, dessert was a special treat crafted for a special occasion…..not every meal.

Pardon the pun, but desserts just seem so “cookie cutter” nowadays….  we’ve carried the foundational belief that dessert was meant to be “something special” into every batch of Calookies.  From weddings and graduations to birthdays and “just because”….We use organic, fresh ingredients, and handcraft every single cookie.  Our quality isn’t found in uniform shapes and sizes, but in consistently great-tasting desserts.

Interested in finding out more?  You can reach us through email, or by contacting us at 302-542-7095.